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Due to the family tradition originated by Sr.Pedro Mendia, VIVEROS SAN ANTON S.A was set up by the brothers Jose Luis and Javier Mendia Ariznabarreta it has dedicated, since 1971, its experience to the producing of molluscs and crustaceans.


Nowadays the activity in the enterprise is developed in 2 parts with an area of 4.500 m². in our plants, there´s a storage of 50.000 kg of molluscs and 20.000kg of crustaceans, which allows us to give our customers a day to day specialised service.

Our aim to offer and optimal end product, deserving the best reliability, leads us to achieving significant and constant efforts to have the best and most advanced machinery for seafood storage, purification and boiling.


The Company has a Hygienic and Sanitary Auto-control system which is base in APCC, in compliance with current regulations.

Is has its own laboratory, where analytics are performed to control production parameters and check the compliance with health regulations in all the products.


The results achieved are also compared with analyses performed in well-known external laboratories to ensure both their safety and their precision.

Viveros de Marisco San Anton